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Motion Graphics

Isn't it great when images come to life and add excitement to your video or website.

Adobe Flash, After Effects and traditional hand drawn are the tools we bring to the table. Animation is a great way to distinguish your website from all the rest. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring animation to even small budget projects while still maintaining quality.

Soon we will be introducing animation in HTML5 thanks to Adobe Edge software, that will do away with the need of a Flash player plugin. This will expand your reach to browsers who for security and stability reasons do not wish to support Flash such as iPod and iPhone Mobile Safari browser.

Graphic Design

Our passion for art is evident in all of our designs.

We are known for good solid layout, attention to detail and a dislike for stock illustration. This is why all our designs which require any illustration be that graph, character or item, you can be sure it was created from scratch just for you.

We employ the best tools and software and combine that with wise use of colour, photography and awareness of space and positioning that will guarantee deep emotional response from the target audience.

We also manipulate images to work with your layout, sometimes avoiding the need to reshoot. It is not uncommon the need to "touchup" small blemishes that would otherwise ruin a good photo.

Video Production

Video, still one of the best ways to capture an audience of a wide demographic.

We combine video, audio and voiceover to create visually stunning advertising that captures the attention of your audience. Deep Blue has experience that begins with storyboarding concepts, Script writing, Video & Photography Directing on location and Post Production.

All these come together to give the best value on your production budget.

Digital & Traditional Illustration

Whenever we have to illustrate we grab pen, pencils, paper, tablet computer, anything we believe will make the design fantastic.

With much hard work we have gained recognition internationally with our illustration tutorials for Flower Ginger Lily and Dinosaur.

We are more than excited at the prospect of taking on an illustration for your project. and hopefully see the end to bad stock art ruining good design.

For illustration our tools of choice are Illustrator and Photoshop for digital illustration. We also will use painter if nessessary and for traditional, Staedtler pens, pencils and coloured pencils.

Website Design/Social Network Customizaton

The internet is our playground and we wish to introduce our friends to you.

We can build you a website and help you stake your claim to a piece of virtual web real estate. Then with your virtual storefront up we will make a name for you on social networks such as Facebook and Google+.

For our website we employ clean layout and php script. We try to avoid Flash as we move toward HTML5, however we will use it if there is no alternative as FLash is still the best way to animate for the web.

We have worked with Line And length to create their website which is created in Flash and was the last Flash site we created.

Deep blue

helps our clients discover and communicate a message that is personal, unique and different from their competition.

Design and Marketing, Communications, Strategy Corporate Identity, Information Design, Marketing Communications & Promotion Publication Design, and Web Design.